Corporate PRO Services in UAE

Being one of the main corporate PRO Services providers in UAE, is our mission, we provide the best PRO services to our clients and ensure that every need is met.

Wincore Advisory corporate PRO service in UAE are extremely professional services provided by our team of experts that will have all the expertise and know how to submit the documents and making the process faster and cost-effective.

Out sourcing PRO services helps the company or employer eliminate the cost associated with hiring and retaining in house department.

Wincore offers the below customized START-UP-PRO Packages:

1 to 151 – 2AED 999
12 to 361 – 3AED 1499
36 to 603- 5AED 2249
72 to 966- 8AED 3999


  • If the Average number of transaction mentioned above per month exceeds the respective slab, then the parties in good faith will consider per transaction as case to case and mutually agree upon renewed terms and fees for the subsequent order.
  • Service fee will be subject to 5% VAT as per the UAE Law.
  • Government fees are subject to change and shall be paid as per actual.

PRO Service of Wincore includes.

  1. Employment Visa Application (Outside & Inside)
  2. Renewal of Employment Visa
  3. Cancellation of Employment Visa (Outside & Inside)
  4. Basic Medical Insurance cost
  5. Amendments in the License
  6. Certificate Attestation & Documents Clearing
  7. Domestic Worker Visa, Renewal & Cancellation (Housemaid, Nanny, Driver etc.)
  8. Dependent Visa Application, Renewal & Cancellation (Outside & Inside)
  9. Processing documents from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce
  10. Processing documents in the Immigration, Labor, and other government departments

For more information please feel free to contact Wincore Advisory Group

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