Wag Free Zone excels in developing structures that shelter
your assets while sustaining your goals and avoiding
unnecessary complexity.

Professional Director and Professional Nominee Shareholder Services.

Professional director

The appointed professional director service will provide the highest degree of confidentiality avoiding that the client’s name appears on the company statutory documents, contract and in the jurisdiction’s directors register or business directory. On the Taxation side, it will mitigate the issue related to the place of “management and control” existing in the high tax jurisdictions.
A Professional Service Agreement will guarantee the client that the appointed director will only act upon the client’s supervision.

Nominee Shareholder

The nominee shareholder will protect the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner of the company from being publicly related with the ownership of the company.
A Nominee Service Agreement (or a bare trust, nominee declaration or declaration of trust) will guarantee the client that he is the ultimate beneficial owner of the company and that the nominee will only act upon his supervision and instruction.

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